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Policy Servicing

  • HK-CS-CHG-01
    Change of Owner Address / Telephone Numbers / Email Address
  • HK-CS-CHG-11
    Request for Change of Owner & Insured Information / Occupation/ Signature
  • HK-CS-CHG-02
    Request for Policy Ownership Transfer
  • HK-CS-CHG-03
    Request for Change of Payment Mode
  • HK-CS-CHG-05
    Collateral Assignment / Release of Collateral Assignment Form
  • HK-CS-CHG-06
    Policy Donation and Beneficiary Appointment Form
  • HK-CS-CHG-07
    Request for Change of Policy Coverage
  • HK-CS-CHG-08
    Request for policy Reinstatement
  • HK-CS-SUP-1
    Supplemental To Change of Policy Information – General Information
  • HK-CS-CHG-04
    Policy Lost Declaration
    Personal Information Collection Statement
    WITNESS DECLARATION FORM (Customer Service As Witness)
    WITNESS DECLARATION FORM (For Policy Service Use)
    Self-Certification Form – Controlling Person (Applicable for existing client)
    Self-Certification Form – Entity (Applicable for existing client)
    Self-Certification Form – Individual (Applicable for existing client)

Payment & Collection

  • AFDD
    Authorization For Demand Draft
  • HK-CS-FIN-01
    Request For Financial Services Form
  • HK-CS-FIN-02
    Request For Policy Maturity Form
  • HK-CS-FIN-07
    Request For Change of Payment Options and Information Form
  • HK-CS-FIN-08
    Special Payment Arrangement Request Form
  • HK-CS-ATP-01
    Direct Debit Authorization
  • HK-CS-ATP-02
    Direct Debit Authorization (Applicable to Cross Border Long Card Direct Debit Authorization)
  • HK-CS-CHG-09
    Request for Cancel Autopay Instruction
  • HK-CS-CHG-10
    Request for Reactivate Autopay Instruction
    Payment Declaration Form - For Bank Draft
    Third Party Payment Instruction Form (For Renewal Premium and Premium Levy Only)
  • NB-TPP
    Third Party Payment Instruction Form(For Initial Premium only)

New Application

    Self-Certification Form – Controlling Person (For New Business Use)
  • HK-UWCRS-Entity
    Self-Certification Form – Entity (For New Business Use)
  • HK-UWCRS-Individual
    Self-Certification Form – Individual (For New Business Use)
  • CL_FNA
    Financial Needs Analysis Form (For Individual (Proposed) Policyholder)
  • CL_FNA(Entity)
    Financial Needs Analysis Form (For Company/Entity (Proposed) Policyholder)
  • BFQ
    Supplementary Financial Statement for Business Covers
  • LAQ
    Large Amount Questionnaire
    Health Declaration - For Accident Care Protection Plan Only
  • HK-UW-DC
    Disclaimer for Application
    Questionnaire For The Junior Insured
    Travel Questionnaire
    Supplementary Information Form - Applicable to Entity (Proposed)
    Supplementary Information & Consent Form for LadyVital Plan
    Supplementary Information Form (Applicable to Individual Shareholder)
    Supplementary Information Form
  • HK-UW-WD
    Witness Declaration Form (For New Business Use)
    Customer Protection Declaration Form
    Declaration For Using Signature Stamp
    Important Facts Statement for Mainland Policyholder (IFS-MP) (Chinese Only)

Individual Claim

  • CRS-CP(Claims)
    Self-Certification Form – Controlling Person (For Claims Use)
  • HK-CLCRS-Entity
    Self-Certification Form – Entity (For Claims Use)
  • HK-CLCRS-Individual
    Self-Certification Form – Individual (For Claims Use)
  • HK-CL-ICLA05
    Critical Illness Claim Form - Cancer
  • HK-CL-ICLA06
    Critical Illness Claim Form - Stroke
  • HK-CL-ICLA07
    Critical Illness Claim Form - Heart Attack
  • HK-CL-ICLA08
    Critical Illness Claim Form - Heart Valve Replacement
  • HK-CL-ICLA09
    Critical Illness Claim Form - Others
  • HK-CL-ICLA11
    Terminal Illness Claim Form
  • HK-CL-ICLA12
    Long Term Sick Leave Claim Form
  • HK-CL-ICLA13
    Waiver of Premium / Payor Benefit Claim Form
  • HK-CL-ICLA04
    Time Lady Insurance Claim Form
  • HK-CL-ICLA19
    LadyVital Female Protection Claim Form
  • HK-CL-ICLA18
    Claim Direct Payment Application Form
  • HK-CL-ICLA22
    Beneficiary Withdraw Annuity Benefit Form
  • PLD
    Policy Lost Declaration
  • CS-CLA20
    Hospitalization / Day Surgery Direct Billing Pre-approval From (For Dr.Vio & Partners Panel Doctors referral case)
  • HK-CL-CLA21
    MasterCare Medical Plan Direct Billing Pre-approval Form
  • HK-CL-ICLA02
    Hospitalization Claim Form
  • HK-CL-ICLA10
    Individual Out-Patient Claim Form
  • HK-CL-ICLA03
    Accident Claim Form
  • HK-CL-ICLA01
    Death Claim Form

Group Claim

  • HK-CL-GCLA-04
    Group Life Insurance Claim Form
  • HK-CL-GCLA-02
    Group Outpatient Claim Form
  • HK-CL-GCLA-03
    Group Hospitalization Claim Form
  • HK-CL-GCLA-01
    Group Accident Claim Form
  • HK-CL-GCLA-06
    HOSPITALIZATION / DAY SURGERY DIRECT BILLING PRE-APPROVAL FORM (applicable for non-QHMS panel Doctors referral cases)

Investment-Linked Insurance Plan

  • HK-CS-ATP-03
    Direct Debit Authorization (For Investment-Linked Plan Only)
  • HK-CS-ILAS-01
    Request for Investment-Linked Plan Services
  • HK-CS-ILAS-02
    Request For Fund Switching
  • HK-CS-ILAS-03
    Request for Redemption of Fund Units / Surrender
Service Body
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